Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve never read anything quite like this before and now I know why Frankenstein has stood the test of time and is still very much alive to this day.

Synopsis: Frankenstein is a story about a young man by the name of Victor Frankenstein who is studying Science. He dreams of creating a new life force and pieces together a grotesque figure. He performs an unorthodox scientific experiment and to his amazement brings the creature to life. Almost instantly, Victor regrets his actions. As the story unfolds, his life and closest relations are never the same as he is continuously haunted by his Monster.

Rating: (5/5) ★★★★★

Frankenstein was originally published anonymously on January 1, 1818, as one of the first great works of Science Fiction. I can only image the volume of reviews that have been released since that date. I’m sure all that needs to be said about Frankenstein has already been said, but it is my hope it continues to be read and reviewed for hundreds of more years to come. I became interested in reading Frankenstein after watching the 2017 movie Mary Shelley which features the author’s life events prior to the publication of Frankenstein. Upon starting the novel, I was quickly pulled into the storyline of Frankenstein. I’ve never read anything quite like this before and now I know why Frankenstein has stood the test of time and is still very much alive to this day.

“You are my creator, but I am your master.”

– Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

As the reader, I enjoyed the closeness I was able to exhibit of the main character, Victor. There were deep dives into his psyche which allowed me to develop a real sense of his range of feelings and the whirlwinds taking place in his mind as he deals with the happenings that his own creation has brought upon him. This is a type of story where there are many stories in one. I felt as if the scenes and characters were developed well and added additional interests to the overall story. My favorite parts included the Monster as he explains to Victor his own trials and tribulations since he has been brought into this world. During these scenes the author manages to created “compassion for the villain” leaving the reader questioning who the real villain may be.

I would recommend Frankenstein to readers who enjoy classic novels and Gothic literature. Considering the novel was written over 200 years ago, it can be a challenging book for younger readers since our day to day vocabulary has transitioned over the years. This is the type of book you want to read with a group of fellow readers to discuss the twist and turns that take place in the storyline. Frankenstein proved to be a fascinating novel that will easily leave readers thinking about it for days afterwards.


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