October 2020: Books & Cinema Roundup

October 2020, my first month giving blogging a go. So far developing this little site has been both exciting, intimating and frustrating all at the same time. A lot of my time was eaten up by trying to figure out all the back end and design details but at the end of the day I’m happy with how everything has landed so far. Needless to say, my book and cinema roundup list is a bit shorter than I would like it to be but hopeful I will get the hang of things within the next few months as I develop my own groove.

Book Reviews

October 2020
Cilka's Journey by Heather Morris Book Review

Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

Cilka was first introduced in Heather Morris’ previous novel, The Tattooist of Auschwitz. At the young age of 16 Cilka was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Post-war and liberation of the concentration camps, most survivors were sent to what were left of their homes and finally able to start new lives. Unfortunately for Cilka, her nightmare continued as she was shockingly sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in one of the coldest places on Earth due to her actions as a means of survival during her time at Auschwitz.

Rating: (4/5) ★★★★

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Deenie by Judy Blume Book Review

Deenie by Judy Blume

Deenie tells the story of an attractive 13-year-old girl who is diagnosed with scoliosis and prescribed to wear a Milwaukee back brace for the next four years to correct the curvature in her spine. Deenie’s mother, Thelma, is set on Dennie becoming a model and has a hard time dealing with the diagnosis. Dennie is a bit relieved that her back brace will ease her mother’s push into a modeling career but also concerned that it will put a damper on her teenage lifestyle.

Rating: (5/5) ★★★★★

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Book Review

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a story about a young man by the name of Victor Frankenstein who is studying Science. He dreams of creating a new life force and pieces together a grotesque figure. He performs an unorthodox scientific experiment and to his amazement brings the creature to life. Almost instantly Victor regrets his actions. As the story unfolds, his life and closest relations are never the same as he is continuously haunted by his Monster.

Rating: (5/5) ★★★★★

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Cinema Reviews

October 2020
The Queen's Gambit is a 2020 drama, mini-series based on the book by Walter Tevis. Series Review

The Queen’s Gambit directed by Scott Frank

Available on Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit is a 2020 drama, mini-series based on the book by Walter Tevis. Taking place in the 1960s, an orphaned girl, Beth Harmon, finds an interest in the game of chess. She soon develops a remarkable talent for the game and finds herself winning one tournament after another.

I enjoyed this mini-series so much that I found myself saddened when the last episode arrived. This was a great time period piece that traveled throughout the US, France and Russia. It is always great to see a young woman kicking butt in a male dominate space. Especially an underdog such as young Beth. Anya Taylor-Joy did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Beth’s character.

Rating: (5/5) ★★★★★

Can You Ever Forgive Me? Movie Review

Can You Ever Forgive Me? directed by Marielle Heller

Available on Amazon

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is a 2018 American biographical film based on the 2008 memoir of Lee Isreal. A once New York Times bestselling author, Lee falls on hard times as she is not longer able to get published. Desperate for funds to pay her living expenses and vet bills, Lee uses her art form in criminal ways.

I’ve always been a fan of Melissas McCarthy comedy movies and was thrilled to see her play a more serious role. The plot takes place in New York City in the 1990s and wonderfully captures the essence of that time. This film is any book lovers dream with many scenes shot in libraries and quaint bookshops.

Rating: (5/5) ★★★★★

Enola Homes Move Review

Enola Holmes directed by Harry Bradbeer

Available on Netflix

Enola Holmes is a 2020 adventure, drama film based in England, 1884. Young Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, wakes on the morning of her 16th birthday to find her mother missing.

Wow! The scenery and costume design was remarkable. It was fun to see Millie Bobby Brown play such a strong, quick-witted character. I adored this film as the storyline was easy to follow but yet keeping me on my toes. I hope there is a sequel.

Rating: (5/5) ★★★★★

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